Getting the Prowler ready

Here it is, the countdown is on and i have 2 days to get a 35 year old Prowler ready to travel what will end up being 2-3 thousand kilometers. In small bursts of course but any RV would take some setting up for a trip this size let alone one this old. I checked and greased the wheel bearings just last year and we’ve only put 200 km on it since so I know they should be fine. the rest of the trailer is different, I need to flush and sterilize the water tank and test the plumbing system. It has always leaked a bit but only slow drips on the outside tap. We’ll be needing the tank at least part way filled for any “boondocking” chances we get (boondocking is when you scoop a free site somewhere ). We have a good 12 volt power supply but very few ways to use the power, the water pump on the tank and a light in the bathroom. I’ll need to address that this weekend so we can muster more light at least. With water and electric tested I’ll move on to the fridge and water heater, both run on propane and wont work while driving( at least i don’t think so as the pilot light would surely blow out). I grew up in a campground that my parents owned but as far as the real RVing goes i have NO experience except a test drive we took last year. We survived that despite having the wrong size ball on my hitch. We also had an animal break a window on my truck to get to our garbage, probably because i left it cracked open so the garbage smell wouldn’t build up too much. All lessons learned and we’re going for the big time now, wish us luck and a mechanically perfect trip( there will be enough issues with the trip, vehicle problems would surely exacerbate them).


4 thoughts on “Getting the Prowler ready

  1. Hi Gang !

    I miss all of you ! Great pictures but sorry to hear the heat is getting to you. Another scorcher tomorrow but hopefully you will find a place to chill out. The house is empty without all of you šŸ˜¦
    The girls forgot the new hair elastics they bought so quit searching the trailer for them.
    Hang in there cooler weather is bound to come.

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