Making Lists

This is a post to all those parents who embark on treks with the kids.

How much can you bring?
How little can you bring?

We try to cover everything: what if it rains, hails, heat waves, poison ivy, spontaneous art projects, game breaks(will they even want to play? if the do I’ll be ready!), car boredom, snacks, snacks and snacks, and of course clothes and shoes, cause they will lose their shoes.  I lose mine all the time!  NOT.

The good thing is that once departure arrives, the tedious work of lists is over.  It is a challenge to get that list right.  It has paid off many times.  It has also allowed me to bring more, okay way more, than I needed some times.  That is okay at a cottage, but we have serious limited space in the trailer and even less in the truck.

Let the lists begin!


Let the journey begin with a list.

First, make a list of the lists needed:

  • Stuff to bring from MY Cottage
  • Stuff from ROD’s cottage
  • Our clothes
  • medications and toiletries, including complete First Aid kit
  • Game box
  • Blog to dos
  • Beach gear
  • Rain Gear
  • Car bags
  • Kitchen
  • Food
  • Books
  • Groceries
  • Crafts

Check.  I hope that is all of it……


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