Almost ready for departure.

ETD: July 11 2012, 10AM….tomorrow!!!

DESTINATION: 34 of Ontario’s most unusual spots to see

TRANSPORTATION:  1978 Prowler, Rod and Ginnie’s garage sale find

TRAVELLERS:  2 sets of parents, 4 tweens, one 6 year boy & two dogs

CHALLENGE:  accident prone family

Time for those final lists.  The big one being what is left to do?  Most of the todos involve setting our houses up for departure: paying bills, last laundry, making sure there is enough food for the spouses who are staying until the weekend, but not so much food that we will return to fruit flies and mold.  Obviously, the dishwasher started leaking today!

No time to worry about that now, this is the trip of a lifetime.  Okay my neighbor is leaving for the Galapagos Islands tomorrow, and that sounds kinda cool.  Who cares!  WE are headed for Depot Harbour near Parry Sound.  I use the word trip versus vacation, cause we are stay at home parents and we will be working our butts off over the next few weeks.

The girls are excited to blog the heck out of this trip.  We know where we are headed and hope that these unusual spots are worth it in the end. So far I think this is going to work out, barring any complications.

Follow this blog!  The one thing that will keep the kids sane is knowing that people are watching.

Bonus blog:  Ontario microbrewery beers!

Can’t wait for tomorrow!  I need a drink.




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