Craft kit for the car!

I knew that we might get bored in the car and explode if we didn’t have anything to keep us busy so I made a craft bag including the essentials.  
– pencil crayons
– markers
– ruler
– construction paper
– white paper
– beads
– elastic string
– note pad
– coloured cord
– dollar store craft kit
– scissors
– tape
Ruby says she is going to teach us how to make beaded bracelets so that should be entertaining.  I’m thinking of teaching everyone how to make some paper garlands to put in the windows of the trailer since we don’t have any curtains!
Sincerely, Josie “Are we there yet?” Adams


One thought on “Craft kit for the car!

  1. Sounds like it was fun….I love the pictures! Hang in there it will get easier I promise and bacon tomorrow is bound to be a great start to the day. Can’t wait to see you tomorrow night !
    G just for the record you are so brave swimming when there’s snakes – I would rather have passed out from heat stroke! Love to all my happy campers 🙂

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