Geocache, moles, almost dying. What a trip!

We just stopped on the way to Parry sound, to find a geocache. Not what we expected, first the hill. It was so high even Ruby got tired of it. Ruby. Then we found a bunch of trails left, right, under my legs, everywhere. Then we found some blackberries and ate them until we found it. The dead mole. Ew. Ew.Ew. We stared walking looking to find it but then charlie heard Rod talking about the Blaire Witch Project, Charlie asked Lily if it was real. What a trouble maker, a couple minutes later Charlie asked Rod if the Blaire Witch lived around her. We ended up giving up the geocache because it was too long of a walk, we’re all just a bunch of wussies.









One thought on “Geocache, moles, almost dying. What a trip!

  1. Great pics! Thanks for sharing! Charlie – Mommy says that the Blair Witch is total makebelieve and don’t listen to Daddy!

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