Depot Harbour Deep in the woods

Depot Harbour received a high rating among the travellers despite the massive amount of mosquitos and the single bat. It was tough to find on the windy roads on the Reserve of Parry Island.

The town remains were completely overgrown, but we found some great structures. The locals were friendly and helpful. Josie wishes we would have interviewed them. There were tons of raspberries!

There were some really cool old blackened log homes. Charlie thought he highlight was the roundhouse. We think the building beside it might have been the church.

Another highlight were the port-o-potties. They are sooo clean!! yelled Charlie.







2 thoughts on “Depot Harbour Deep in the woods

  1. Hey, I remember my hubby’s grandfather telling me about how he worked there as a guard during the war. Wicked, I am going to take the kids and check it out later this summer. Loving the blog so far. What an adventure!!!!

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