Can bacon save the trip?

Oh my god guys. They are finally asleep. It’s our chance to blog. This was a little hard today. We kept it together, but those girls are already finding it rough. Lily can’t believe we are doing this for three weeks. Everybody giggles at her princess ways. She is such a trooper really Arthur has been wanting to go home since we left Toronto. But then he finds a water snake!
Today’s drive was long. I totally miscalculated how long it would take to get here. I am all worried about the itinerary now. and the bugs. Josie is not happy. Lily was freaking. I told her to go put some clothes. Camping in short shorts. Who does that?
Anyway, we are not quitting. But I never thought we might! It is only day two!!! Cried Rod. So tomorrow morning we are going to make bacon for breakfast. We have no eggs, only a few English muffins and bagels, but we have a pound of bacon. We will win those kids over.


4 thoughts on “Can bacon save the trip?

  1. You’ll get them with bacon for sure. I’ve got some treats coming too tomorrow. Can’t wait to see you all!

  2. Lâchez-pas, c’est toujours dure l’ajustement au début, mais tu vas voir je suis sur qu’ils vont embarquez un moment donner, comme la water snakes… Have a nice one tomorrow guys!!!! You’ll remember the good laugh… is will come! :-)))

  3. i believe this is the kind of trip you love in retrospect. absolutely keep going and try to scout out the ice cream shops along the way–or the stoop sales to score an instant cute princess top or toy

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