Ghost Town Animal

On one of our first adventures of the Party Caravan Road trip, we went to a ghost town called Depot Harbour, near Parry Sound.  We found a strange cement bridge.  It was actually half a bridge.  All seven of us went on top to check it out.  Of course, I was the first person to go down and look at it.  Then Lily and everyone joined us.  Rod was the first person to take a peek underneath through the rectangular piece of wood.

Rod shined the camera light into that hole.

All of a sudden, a bat flew out leaving everyone in shock.  All of us started to leave when we all saw it was just a hollow wedge of heavy cement.  All of us started to make it back to the car, but not me. I was at a small cement pool.

Up behind a rock, a huge spider the size of a hand.  And what did I do, do you ask, well I screamed and ran right to my Mom.  One of its’ legs was actually on my hand!!  I screamed all the way to the car hoping that I didn’t get bit by an extremely scary poisonous scary that I will never see again.


One thought on “Ghost Town Animal

  1. What a road trip Ruby! You guys are so lucky. I hope you post more adventures here. I’m getting lots of ideas for my own family road trip when my son, Oliver, is big enough. Have fun and write MORE adventures! Say hi to everyone.

    Mr. Pearson

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