Ginnie and Matt Attempt to Join the Madness

The morning began with an early wake-up call from Rod:” Don’t go to Warsaw Cave head to the Petroglyph park instead”. “Ok ok” I mumbled back from my dream. I went to see Radio Moscow with Jim last night and my head was pounding just a little, but not so bad as to miss my morning run with the ever motivating wonder Ginnie. After packing the Tercel or as I like to call it, the supplementary Party Caravan support vehicle, we were off. No wait, Ginnie has to go to work- oh no she doesn’t – wait I need a charger for my phone, oh but Akbar’s isn’t open- hey how about Starbucks, oh I forgot that new CD I bought and the dogs need a water bowl…
Anyhow after a few glitches we got on the highway, going the wrong way!
Ginnie’s auto pilot tried to return her to work! OK. We are finally on route.







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