Let’s drive to nowhere

Today there was a lot of driving!:( But the worst part was we didn’t do anything. Grrrr.

The coolest part was trying to geocache at Eels creek and we saw two water snakes (Ginette is terrified of them but she still went in the water.)

We almost went to Petroglyphs provincial park but were too late for the tour. What was the point of going and not seeing the aboriginal drawings?

We found a local beach and swam in beautiful water. Now we are boon docking, apparently. That is when you park your car in the middle of nowhere and camp for free. Daddy slowed down at every small dirt road looking for a spot and we were starving. I think this is a snowmobile parking spot?
Day two. Over and out. Charlie



4 thoughts on “Let’s drive to nowhere

  1. Charlie. You write so well. I thought it was Ginette or your Dad Posting, until I saw your name and was amazed.
    Where do you guys eat? Did you pack food and a camping stove?

  2. Charlie it sounds like you did a lot swimming , driving camping eating on and on. Enjoy everyday of this adventure because you will remember it forever hugs and kisses

  3. Thata girl Charlie! Good job writing about the positive! Too bad about the Petroglyphs – I’m so sorry you didn’t make it there. With all that driving, did anyone puke?

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