Warsaw caves, Petroglyphs and dinner!

Petroglyphs Provincial Park

Warsaw Caves And Disappearing River

Marmora Hole

Hey it’s Lily! We’re stopping at Theresa’s Diner for dinner in Marmora! Delish! We had burgers, pancakes, omlettes, and sweet cold water!!!

At the Diner!!!

Last night was our first night in the trailer. We “boon docked” and Rod was so proud to camp for free! Arthur just can’t shut his mouth. “Goodnight girls, I hope you have nightmares” was the last thing we heard from him before the grownups kicked him out.

The four girls trying to sleep in. Sorry no curtains ladies!

We woke up to Rod blasting Adele, bacon, and life cereal. We made it to Petroglyphs provincial parks and saw the amazing aboriginal drawings.

Then we headed to Warsaw caves and met up with Ginnie and Daddy. The caves were INCREDIBLE! I would definitely go back! We all had fun exploring and ended with a trip to the beach. Tuna bagels were the perfect lunch for grimy sandy hands.

After that we climbed into the cars and headed to Belleville.

Hold on! Do we really have time to go to the big hole of Marmora? I guess so!

IT WAS AMAZING!!! All nine of us all shouted out at the same time and created an insane echo. It was almost too far for a real echo. The colour of the water was sooooooo blue. SO BLUE. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO blue.

Toodles, Lily:)



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