Buggy hell hole

WARNING!  Prince Edward County has nasty cell service, so I have no idea how this post looks.  Excuse  us!  ciao.

Hell holes ADULT rating

We are driving out of Hell Holes, a geological wonder just north of Napanee.
There are two ratings here:
Adults rated it a

Hell holes Kid rating, WE HATE BUGS!!

The kids rated it a 2
Cause of all the bugs.
Ruby was expecting more caves and there was only one really neat cave with a tight fit. A neat cave 20 feet deep. The cave itself got an 8.

There is a 3 1/2 km trail through amazing worn out granite in a Canadian rainforest. Yes, the heat and bugs were insane but so were the rocks and cliffs. Rod’s mind is blown!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Agh! The best picture of Matt hanging and my finger is in it.
Arthur seemed fine and joked “hey girls… Do you want to do that trail again?”

Great trail. Try it in the fall. The rainforest won’t be the same but the kids would have taken more time to marvel at the beauty of it all!

Lily adds that the bugs were tough to deal with but we still had fun.
We found a leftover rabbit foot recently eaten. The question is “What ate the bunny?”


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