Badlands and Love gardens

Here is your challenge people:  So far, our views have almost equaled our kilometres.  We hit 1000 views on the same day as we hit 1000 km.  Right now we are sitting at 1427 km and 1388 views.  Spread the word.  If we can get through this, you can do this!

Today, was rough.  Started on the beautiful sandy beach at Sandbanks.  We kept at 11 for Niagara Region.  By Oshawa, the kids were breaking down.  The heat, the smell, the drive, the brother, it is all to much.  Yes, Are we there yet? has been mentioned.

Ginette scrambled to reschedule the day, the week, the entire trip.  Instead of heading down to Niagara, we just turned right off the 401 to country Style, bribed them with slushies and headed to the unusual places to see in the Halton area.

First stop, through an amazing little place called Chetelham.  Nice rich houses around there.  Near Calendon Ontario.  We stopped at the Chetlham Badlands.  In the middle of lush fields and old growth trees, in hills are these red hard hills.  You have got to see this.  The sight totally got the kids out of their funk.  We were all a little awestruck.

RUBY SAYS:  It was so cool, I could run up and down as much as I can.  All the scrapes from falling were worth it.

For twenty minutes, no one mentioned the 33 degrees heat.

We then drove along gorgeous country road.  This was no place to boon dock!

Belfountain Park

We headed to Belfountain Conservation Area.  A cute little park on a river with a small damn and a gorge.  This park has rocky trails and little rock cave built for the woman he loved.  A beautiful spot in a funny little town.

Josie liked this spot because there were so many things to see, a surprise around every corner.

A real water wheel. Real!! Awesome!



  • Put more effort into boon docking.  Do not look for boon docking in rich neighbourhoods.
  • Stop fighting with your SISTER!!!

3 thoughts on “Badlands and Love gardens

  1. Good for you all for taking the time to blog! I love reading it of course and wish I was there. Buddy has been sleeping nonstop since we got home! Last night, he didn’t even come upstairs and tonight, he’s gone downstairs to bed without me! I love that you are not afraid to change the course. Way to swing a “3” day into an “8”. Go gypsies!!!

  2. OooOh cool Badlands!
    And I have sent a massive grouP Email tO my Peeps on the first day. I will Post elsewhere as well. Just you wait:)!
    Guaranteed your kids will remember this trip.. The good parts:).
    Ok so… In this insane heat wave, how does the Prowler ventilate for sleeping?? I suggest ice cubes wrapped in paper towels for ankles and behind ears. That’s how I slept in Cairo.

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