Our luxurious accommodations

As per popular request, finally, here are pictures of the accommodations.

We usually sleep:
Ginette(mom) and Arthur on small dinette bed. Good thing I am only 5’1 1/4″.

The fours girls across the large bed and Rod in the top bunk. He sometimes Sticks up a tent. Ruby loves the top bunk.

Rod installed a black light fluorescent bulb in the washroom.
Funky midnight disco pees!!


We timed our pack up this morning from Rockwood. The time to beat is: 32 minutes
The kids were awesome at packing.
We went from this


To this:

Caravan sweet caravan

Lily says: living in the trailer with all these people is like being caged with baby cubs: so cute but rambunctious.

Dang… We just caught a screw. Let’s hope for the best.
I want Rod to tube with us before he heads out to a tire shop.



2 thoughts on “Our luxurious accommodations

  1. Ah.. all the comforts of home! 32 minutes! That’s awesome. Can’t wait to hear about the pack up time by the end of the week!

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