THEY’VE GONE INSANE. FREAKING INSANE. Alright this morning I woke up everyone so that we could play UNO. Very intense game for the kids. We all finished the game and had some bagels for breakfast, after that when we were starting to pack up, Rod made Charlie cry(nice going dude) and then things got crazy, this morning we got a total of 3 scratches, 2lost water bottles and some missing ear buds. Things will get better mummy said. 2 hours later we reached the pioneer place thingy and found out it was closed. HOW FREAKING FANTASTIC. Then we headed to rattlesnake campgrounds. Were there any available campsites? Yes. There was a group campsite for 115$. “Will you pay with cash or credit card?” Go die. After we left there we headed down a steep hill and our breaks over heated, HOW WONDERFUL. Then Rod and mummy said we were going to walk TWO KILOMETERS TO CRAWFORD LAKE. That’s when Ruby started crying. Could this day get any worse? I bet 20 bucks it WILL. Toodles Lily.



  1. of course everything turned around once you got to crawford right? cause it’s awesome? and we’re not biased at all?

  2. Just back from holidays so I was able to catch up on Monday with all the postings. Sounds like a very up and down trip but I can see you’ve got some great memories already. Wow the heat must be a killer! This week’s been crazy hot in the city. Couldn’t figure out how the blog replies worked so I tweeted early this week but Ginnie told me the trick and I’m good to go now. Will check in again tomorrow to see what’s happening.

  3. Try the Yukon for campsites. The territorial camp ground in Dawson City has 98 places.
    When we were there 80 were available. It’s $12 per night with self-registration.

  4. Ok so one major confusion. Where is Matt and Ginnie? Aren’t they supposed to be with you all?? 2 sets of parents. 4 adults. Yes?

    • They only meet us on weekends due to “work”. It makes scheduling more challenging cause we do not want to be too far from Toronto come Thursday nights. They have booked Fridays off during the trip. Gotta go. Accapella we will rock you is happening with the kids led by Arthur.

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