The Tire In Fergus

On our way into Elora Gorge conservation area, a screw found his way into our back tire. It was all right for the rest of the day, but it couldn’t stay like that for ever, so we had to drive into Fergus. We stopped at Wellington North Tires to have the tire patched.

While the tire was being worked on, everyone (exept Rod) went to Mac’s corner store for some icey cold frosters. After that we went to the river to see what we could see. 😉 On our way back to the tire shoppe, we stopped at a store called I Love Chocolate. There, we bought Rod some fudge. *YUM*

Ginette pointed out the age of all the old buildings.  She seemed really impressed by all the old buildings.  We saw the war Memorial.  It was just a statue but cool just the same.

over and out,


We stopped at the HALTON RAILWAY MUSEUM.  It was a lot of money for all of us so we just saw the trains on the outside.  Lily liked to see things that are old that are still in good shape.


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