Kilbride Castle By Arthur

Arthur’s view on Castle Kilbride

Its was awkward. ‘Cause all of the stuff was old fashioned. My favorite floor was the one with the wooden toys on it. “Don’t write this but I have to go to the bathroom” Says Arthur during the interview.” “ When we first goed into the castle we got some candies and we did the movie about the castle. And then we did the twour. *Thats how Arthur says tour* “then we did the I spy, We had a menu that would show what we needed to find, Josie had one and Ruby had one. I was on the top floor I said to Lily I didn’t want to drop this for two reasons; 1: My hands were all sweaty and I didn’t want to drop my shark shooter into the glass. Number 2: I wanted to hold it on the left hand. Before I said “imagine if I dropped this through the window” I went to my mum and there were windows at the top floor and I looked through one of them and my mum said “imagine if when you looked out the window, everything you could see was yours” Then I said Imagine if I drooped this through the window. See ya on the road, Arthur (Lily and Josie typing.)


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