My sincerest apologies……

Crawford Lake and Iroquois Village.

Rod here.  Yes, we did walk 2km around an incredible miromictic lake in a prehistoric no, primordial forest.  Iit was amazing and worth the effort to get here. We saw a pre-contact Iroquios village.  A real surprise. that shifted the day.  We have a picture of a man starting the fire from scratch.

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Our overall rating was 8 but Lily’s score was a 9, so I’m sure her day went way better than she expected.  Mine however was less than perfect. It started with the repairs on the tire, quick and cheap but a sign of things to come. Within a short distance we found ourselves headed to Rattlesnake point.  When we discovered the price for camping, we had to keep on trucking’. The only problem was we were on top of some mammoth escarpment and the road down may as well have been straight down. I was breaking so hard that the only thing slowing us down was tires skidding through serpentine curves with a steady chirp chirp chirp. At the bottom we could smell the break pads more than we could feel them, it took me 200 yards of flat ground to stop. The end of the road was blocked by an OPP cruiser and a clean-up crew dealing with a garbage scow foolish enough to try the same hill. I pulled over to the shoulder and my brand new heavy duty pads and disks had turned blue from heat. We killed the next 45 minutes there on the shoulder eating hotdogs cooked in the 7000 lb soon to be anchor. When the breaks had cooled we got moving again and thats when I realized we had only covered 40 km so far. En route to Crawford Lake as we bounced along county road whatever, we heard a fairly loud boom but didn’t worry too much because the truck and trailer looked fine and we had been slowed down by several dysfunctional destinations. After the amazing Crawford lake and Iroquois village we only had about 15 km to travel bringing our daily total to 84 km, a big letdown for me, but many of our spots are in this area and the kids were looking for shorter days. The campsite at Valens conservation area was great but I’m not sure what the focus of this conservation area is. It surely isn’t the semi-arid pond whose coliform count exceeded allowable levels and was closed to swimming. Anyway we needed a spot in the area and this is all we have. As we backed into the campsite, an act I’m getting fairly good at, we noticed an overwhelming smell of urine. Not just the site but inside the camper too. Upon inspection I discovered the source of the aroma. The loud boom we heard driving the country roads was the sound of 35 year old plastic giving out with the weight of 5 or 6 gallons of sewage. No need to dump this baby out any more, our bathroom had become an outhouse with a hole to the nether world. And so my title, some poor slob on some dirt road somewhere is driving through my 5 gallons of sewage. Sorry buddy shit happens.


4 thoughts on “My sincerest apologies……

  1. Ok this story is a 9.5! You had me in total terror and suspense and then .. A mixture of disgust and hysterics. I hope you’re still laughing about it like me:). Although.. I am curious to know if you will repair or leave your toilet as a.. Hole to the.. Nether land..??

  2. Oh crap is right! What a site that must have been trailing down the road. Great story and I guess it’s good that there are no pictures for this one.
    I would have liked to have seen the fire starter – sounds cool.

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