Time for beer blog

Ok. Not that rod and I haven’t been drinking beer. I usually blog in the car or hand the computer to a kid to blog. It’s just my hands are full with blogging the sites, navigating, handing out snacks, breaking up fights that the Ontario beer blog has been silent.

So since the Summerweiss, which was a little sweet and light, we have had the Spring Oddity. This was Ginette’s favorite so far.

Okanagon pale ale six pack went down real smooth in the heat wave. Good beer.

I went to a crappy LCBO in Belleville and they had so few microbrewery beers. I had to buy a four pack of Ludtreads. Rod was worried, but it was a good hoppy beer.

We already forgot the bad ones. Oh yeah. This was one: Milwaukee light!

Right now we are at Valens conservation area camping. We passed no LCBOs on the way. It has been a rough day and the heat is over, but we only have one home brew left!!!



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