Giant Maple and Giant Fort


Comfort Maple Tree

Giant Comfort Maple Tree was of course, UNDER CONSTRUCTION! We haven’t complained too much in these posts about the construction on little nowhere roads, or the two bridge out detours, not that they ever told us where we might detour, that we have encountered so far on this trip. There have been many. So, when we drove down the TINY road through the farm field to the 1/4 acre lot that the tree was on , it was no surprise that a crew was there installing a lightning rod.

Why be upset? We had planned a little reunion picnic by the tree, in the middle of a field in the middle of nowhere. This was really nowhere. Matthew and Ginnie came to meet us there from Toronto. We are also joined by Matthew’s Dad Chris and his wife Stephanie on their return trip back to North Carolina. There were also a tree trucvk, a woodchipper and a pick-up truck as well as our three cars on the 1/4 acre lot and Arthur and the dogs. Every time those workers had to back up someone had to hold onto Zuki, Buddy and Arthur. It was a fine picnic. They guys took their lunch break and Ruby climbed the tree. It was a nice place for a visit. No picnic tables, just a couple of benches.

We were led to believe it would be 100 feet tall, with a circumference of 20 feet. Rod was disappointed with the maybe 60 feet of height. It was huge and beautiful but this poor tree is on serious life support.

Here is a pic of the kids imitating Rod delivering good news!

Fort George


This was a wonderful afternoon visit. There was a really cool music demonstration, we had cherry and pear pie made from the fruit on their land in the huge ovens. The staff was awesome. The music guy demonstrated how the soldiers at the time could recognize 100 sounds of the bugle and drum, just like we know the sounds in our daily life, like phones & microwave beeps.
A few of us enjoyed actually learning in a fun and dynamic way. There were a number of games like skittles and tops and Graces and stilts. The kids played and so many stories were shared. It was cool that Fort Niagara(the enemy) was right there across the river!

The kids all lined up on a cannon for one of their cool pictures and Arthur fell off pushing Ruby down with him. Sadly I have a picture of that. Good thing Ruby is a toughie.

We forgot Arthur on the top of the sentry tower. We thought he was running ahead but he was falling behind. Four adults still cannot keep up.



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