More views more views, ELLEN!

Hello there this is Lily talking about the views.
This trip is such a crazy fun adventure for me! I want to thank everyone personally for all the comments, all the subscribes, and OH MY GOSH, guys we reached 2000 views! 2000! If I could I would give you guys the yummy s’mores we get to eat by the toasty campfire(But I cant because I’m traveling across the province, Sorry!). Keep up the great work so that we can achieve our goal, we have a crazy dream that if we get an insane amount of views we can get on Ellen! So please keep coming back everyday, tell your friends about us, send a group email to everyone you know with our website address and If you know anyone super famous or Ellen herself then please show them our website! We love you all so much and keep on coming back, it’s day 10 and were at 2061 views, Thanks a bunch guys, Lily:)



2 thoughts on “More views more views, ELLEN!

  1. Hey G,
    Was talking to your Mom tonight – she did not know about the website and Ginette and her were trying to find your trip info on facebook. I have sent her the link to your amazing website.
    Sounds like things are going well if at times a little frantic – remember to give a silent cheer for me !
    I am glad to see with your hectic schedule you & Rod still find time for beer o’clock – I love it !
    Love to all my happy campers 🙂

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