Our souvenirs

So far just a few of us bought a souvenir from this trip. Any favourite thing we spend money in is berries at the market or some icy drink on a hot day.
Charlie found a jacobs ladder toy at Crawford lake. Ruby saw a worry stone but I ushered her out for the lake hike.
She hasn’t forgotten it’s been three days of “remember that stone. ”
Then Josie saw a pocket watch and loves it. It’s her one thing.

Rod is gonna buy a rock point tshirt. Rod says if this trailer makes it through this trip, it will be his souvenir. Lily found awesome moccassins Ruby is still upset but her special thing will come. Fort George was Josie’s place to find something. Arthur just wants what everyone has.
Matt says my thing is the trip itself. I think he is right. We’ll see.
I can’t wait to see What ruby will find?



One thought on “Our souvenirs

  1. I guess, in this case, size matters when choosing souvenirs! I don’t know how you’re managing to get all the people, dogs and stuff in the trailer now. Good choice Josie on the pocket watch – small, useful and a great souvenir. Sorry to Ruby about the “stone” – don’t worry, you’ll find something.

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