A day in the life of Party Caravan

A typical day. Today is day 12.
Matt & Ginnie are still here.

7:30 Wake up to girls yelling at Arthur to pour his own cereal.


8:30 espresso and blog updates
8:40 lily does her nails in stripy red pattern

9:00 kids steal all the camp chairs and move to next site to play game

9:10 Arthur falls in the firepit, screams, blames, cries, gets distracted from Ruby with an albino caterpillar. He returns to the game.

9:24 coffee round 2 and Ginnie’s banana bread

10:00 packUp site

11:00 Matt played fetch with dogs and we look at map

11:22 Heat sets in and so it’s beer o’clock.

11:45 realize we have to leave by noon! Annoy the kids to pickup chairs and trash on ” play site”

12:10 leave for st-thomas train museum.

12:13 realize we are four farm fields away from Sparta, an unusual place in the book

12:15 miss the county road for Sparta.

12:25 drive through 190 year old town, Sparta and decide to stop

12:35 find the Adobe blacksmith shop now a museum with an amazing assortment of historical objects from the area

12:50 girls want to leave amazing place cause the old man with no shirt on is too severe about no touching, even though they aren’t touching

12:45 Arthur touches too many things and Matthew takes him out of building

1:15 arrive in St-Thomas and stop at first pizza shop. Pile out. Closed. Get back in vehicles.

1:25 ask local and we go to Al’s, best pizza in St-Thomas. And cheap!

1:45 Find the CSR train station and tour a gorgeous crafted building.

1:53 Arthur rubs his hand on a table and gets a crystal sliver

2:45 Tour ends. Kids are annoyed they didn’t ride a train. Sadly, The tour was a little dry and the kids were not as impressed as we were. It was a beautiful building.

2:30 say by to Matt and Ginnie. Will they make it to Cheltenham Badlands?

4:10 stop for ice cream in 1970s town of Wheatley

4:30 arrive at Wheatley provincial park. Gatehouse girl gives us her favorite spot, we fill up with water, lesson learned!

4:40 arrive at site and scratch the fender off of the trailer. The 35 year old plastic shatters into 10 pieces. Irreparable. I see the ache in Rods face

5:50 kids get out of car and start complaining about the site: only one table, no paths, poison ivy. It’s a very nice site with a view of water and a cool breeze

6:10 tell the kids to suck it up. It’s a great site!

6:15 get to work: level trailer, set up stove and camp chairs and beer o’clock.

6:30 put water on for corn to boil and beer o’clock.

6:40 help Arthur make a menu for pretend coffee shop.





7:00. Put on steaks boil corn and it’ll be bed by nine and beer by fire so that’s all I have.


3 thoughts on “A day in the life of Party Caravan

  1. Sadly, we didn’t make it to the Badlands. There was a massive rain storm in Mississauga when we were passing through and it just didn’t seem like it was a good idea to drive back into it. Another time though! Lily, I forgot to mention that your nails looked awesome. I liked the red and black!
    PS sorry I missed the ice cream. 😦 Gxo

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