Albino Point

Point Albino:  Canada’s most luxurious lighthouse.


GINETTE’s version.
Point Suckino is what it is!

We decided to tack on a quick visit to the shore of Lake Erie Point Albino Lighthouse on our way back to Rock Point Campground after Fort George.
We read that before the lighthouse was automated, the last one to be automated in Canada, the poor lighthouse guy had to wade through the waters to get to it because the lighthouse’s rich neighbors would not let him walk through their grounds to the light house.  Here we were, arriving at 5:35 ready to super hike it to the lighthouse before the Point Albino residents association closed the gates at 6PM.  Anyway some lady came out in her moumou and said no you cannot go through.  The hike is a mile and you won’t make it out by 6.  So we turned around and drove away.
Thank fully Ginette had misdirected the caravan earlier, again, to the wrong edge of the Lake and we saw the white Lighthouse from way far away.  That was our only view.:)

ROD’s version

We get there, and even though they have to let us in until 6 o’clock, they do not let us in.  How do they know how fast I walk?  Why are they blocking us from our own protected monuments?  Clearly, these wealthy American yacht club owners are really just trying to keep us out.  She said come back tomorrow, but I bet she would have a new reason to keep us out.   The last thing she said was, “And you won’t get in with those dogs!”  @#%$@^


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