Day 8
Distance: 1643 km

Blog hits: 1922

Unusual spots to see: 14
Depot Harbour
Peterborough Petroglyphs
Warsaw Caves
Marmora Hole
Lake on the Mountain
Camp Picton
Birdhouse City
Sandbanks dunes
Chetelham Badlands
Bel fountain park
Rockwood Potholes
Elora Gorge
Dwarf Cedars

Animal/crazy bug sights: 42

Snakes: 5
Deer: 6
Bats: 4
Hawk: 2
Ground hog: 1
Dead miles: 1
Frogs: 3
Giant spider: 3
Stick bug: 1
Eagle: 1
Llamas: 2
Rabbits: 4
Eagle: 1
Rabbits:  4

Lessons Learned: 11


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