Day 9
Distance: 1392 km

Blog hits: 1984

Unusual spots to see: 15
Depot Harbour
Peterborough Petroglyphs
Warsaw Caves
Marmora Hole
Lake on the Mountain
Camp Picton
Birdhouse City
Sandbanks dunes
Chetelham Badlands
Bel fountain park
Rockwood Potholes
Elora Gorge
Dwarf Cedars
Crawford Lake

Animal/crazy bug sights: 29

Snakes: 5
Deer: 6
Bats: 4
Hawk: 2
Ground hog: 1
Dead miles: 1
Frogs: 3
Giant spider: 3
Stick bug: 1
Eagle: 1
Llamas: 2
Rabbits: 4
Eagle: 1
Ground Hog: 1
Turtles: 3

Lessons Learned: 12

Prime the water tank.


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