Welcome to the tip of Canada!

In the face of dwindling interest and awesome things overload for the kids, we had to throw the big guns at them: Point Pelee. The most southern tip of Canada and an Eco wonderland.

Point Pelee Provincial Park

The trip isn’t over yet but it is a constant battle to keep them focused. As soon as we arrived at the visitor’s centre, they were running around enjoying a really good interactive museum.  It was really well set up, everyone from Arthur (6) to Josie, almost 12, found something that excited them.  On the shuttle down to the tip of Canada, we discussed that perhaps this would be our last day, three of the five were very upset. Majority wins!  We reached the southern tip, and tried to keep Arthur from jumping into dangerous undertows. We found another beach and swam on a pebble shore with four foot waves. The kids were smiling and laughing and throwing themselves in the waves. A rating of 9 and 10 s for Point Pelee.


At Point Pellee the waves were massive.  i could go there all the time except you swallowed a bunch of water.

I don’t think they realize that they still have five weeks of summer after this, enough time to catch up on reruns and sleep.

Rod just bought an assortment of micro beers and fresh perch, so we are here for a while longer.  Back to Wheatley Provincial Park, a perfect place to rest for these two days.  The campground host came by to say hello and brought some colouring pages for the kids.  When we arrived from our little trip to Point Pelee, there were 7 eggs sitting on our picnic table.  Freaked us out, cause Rod had been searching for our four leftover eggs this morning, and all of a sudden there were 7, 1 for each of us, on the table.  We assume from our host and not some wild chicken in this amazing bird sanctuary.


8 thoughts on “Welcome to the tip of Canada!

  1. Point Pelee sounds great. Loved the pictures in the water and in the costumes at the museum. Charlie – great picture with the big smile, you really looked like you were having fun. Saw the notice on “what the kids were reading”. Very ambitious – congrats! Ann Patchett – really great writer, one of my faves.

  2. I am so incredibly proud to be part if this awe inspiring tribe!!! I miss you all and can’t wait to see you this weekend.

  3. Wish I’d been there! Looks amazing and such happy faces! Playing in the waves looked awesome. Keep it up Team Caravan! What will be next…. I can’t wait to hear about it!

  4. I tried to put a map on here, but this is just a simple WordPress basic site and I just couldn’t figure it out. As this trip progresses, it is very difficult to
    keep up just the blog parts I have started. I could have had an intern and kept her busy keeping this blog up with all the parts I have and could have put on!

  5. Thanks for such a great description of Point Pelee, and the great photos. I know many who have travelled there but it’s the first time I get inspired to go! Looks gorgeous!

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