Travel and technology

Rod and I enjoy every part of the driving.  The fields, the hills, the old houses and bizarre little four corner towns.  We marvel at the fields of windmills down past Chatham.  We try to guess the crops, usually corn or soy, but we saw onion today!  Rod has that eagle eye to find any animals.  We drive as long as we can push the crabby little tummies sitting behind us.  Rod prefers not to drive on the 400 series highway.  Fuel mileage while pulling this trailer is best when we travel at 90km/hour.

This is what my lap looks like when I travel.

The kids on the other hand are incredibly focused on the laptops and itouches on their laps.   We can barely keep all these electronics charged!  We want them to read, we want them to write posts, we want them to watch the beautiful scenery just outside their windows.  I have to yell back, hey look at that high levee.  They miss every deer that Rod yells out.  The only thing they sometimes seem to notice it the outrageous smells that waft quickly in and out of the car as we pass some fields.  Really, like watching icarly reruns is going to mean anything to you in a year.  Is that top score on Subway Surfer going to make you a better person?

It is just something we, as parents, need to accept right now.  I think it sucks, but at least they aren’t yelling in my ear.



2 thoughts on “Travel and technology

  1. Oh Ginette…. enjoy the peace. You know they’ll be playing (without the electronics) at the next stop whatever make believe game they come up with. It is sad that they don’t enjoy the view more but honestly, they don’t see any beauty in a house or a field on a normal day. I imagine the two in the “trunk” don’t get much of a view anyway. 🙂

  2. We put in just under 4000 km on our Yukon trip. Angela and Rene had brought along a DVD player, just in case. It was kept wrapped up and hidden away, and only once almost brought out. Which is how I knew it was with us. Sometimes we took turns reading the boys’ current bedtime book “Fablehaven”. Sometimes we listened to “harry Potter”. It was the most recent in the series, and most beautifully read. The fellow won a couple of prizes for his reading. There wasn’t much radio up there. But after many days of travel Angela’s MP3 player appeared and we listened to music. Also Matthew and Owen started playing a game on it, endlessly. The looking out the window required encouragement.

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