Last leg via Tobermory

We have been offline for a few days now, but we are back on the highway.

(Funny.  As if Tobermory is a way to anywhere.)

Tobermory is far up there!

Here we are finally at Tobermory: chilly, grey skies, exhausted but happy to be settled for the rest of the day. Even perhaps two days!
We took three hours to get nowhere this morning. We woke up expected to swim in Huron with hot weather when the kids surprised us with”well if we can’t stay here and swim until 2 pm, we might as well leave early and swim in Tobermory. It’s still lake Huron right?”
Well okay we said and we were off by ten. We drove right out of any sun into Greer and greater skies. We never stopped at McDs for cones or ice cream, we just stopped for gas,
food and beer. ( Two days later, Josie is still pissed at her Dad about not following through with the McDs ice-cream!) And, of course, I made us all stop at the Visitors centre at Bruce Power. We were north of Goderich and drove through so many fields of windmills. You couldn’t count them there were so many.  The area is called Power Valley. Ten off in the distance, everywhere you looked. It is amazing, so when the turnoff on highway 21 appeared I said turn left Rod. “Out of the car kids. It’s not an unusual spot but energy is your future. Don’t know if you noticed, eyes on iPods and all, but all these windmills are important. Here’s a peach, so walk.  Let’s go learn.”   We spoke with some man who was so excited to talk to us about Nuclear Energy. Yes, we were at the Bruce Nuclear Power plant. The largest facility in the world! Still, it only supplies 1/4 of Ontario’s power needs Hung there for 20 and left.  So much for learning about windmills!

Onward to Cypress lake provincial park and the campground was full. No probs there are quite a few private campground/ trailer parks in Tobermory. 40 minutes later, we were seriously contemplating boon docking in some backlit with no septic tank. These campgrounds had tiny sites and a max person per sure of five. We would have had to book two sites for our one trailer and five kids. Screw that. We had no choice but to cross our fingers, literally we all roared them, and return to the national park.
What a site! Rod running out of the registration booth waving a site permit for two nights, and only 48$!

Tonight was movie night and I don’t think the kids left the trailer for anything else but a pee and a manwich.

We discovered the most incredible sight: Indian Cove. It was electric turquoise, calm pools and a killer view of Georgian Bay. It was a heck if a walk but I was so excited to tell the kids that we would be going somewhere beautiful in the morning.

Rod jumped in the trailer and said ” Girls we have a surprise for you in the morning. It’s beautiful”. Then Josie cut him off and said “Sounds great. Now don’t ruin the surprise.(meaning get out if the trailer, we are watching a movie.) HA!


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