Camping Meals, keeping it tasty and easy

Food was really a non issue.  We have shared meals for many years.  Rod and I cook for ten plus people very often.  As long as we had some food for 6 year old Arthur things rolled smoothly.  We had pizza twice (20$ each) and an amazing fish and chip meal(30$!).  one McDonalds meal(35$) and a giant diner meal with all of us in Marmora (60$).

We cooked everything on a two burner coleman stove.  There was a total fire ban almost our entire trip so not too many cooking over fire meals. We only went through three bags of firewood the entire trip.   We also had a big cast-iron pan.  Can’t live without that camping! We also had a lot of fresh corn.


We stopped at fresh farm stands every other day for peaches, and berries and plums.  Even kids love almost anything when it is this fresh.
Every stand usually had some kind of berry loaf.  I kept a knife in the front seat and we all had a yummy treat.  Of course we had good old trail mix granola bars.




Here was our menu:

  • Spatchcock chicken, with potatoes and salad.

I just cut my chicken on the backbone, threw it in a ziplock with oil, lemon pepper and garlic.  I cut up a second one and added oil and paprika.  Fried it skinside down for 15 minutes with the potatoes, turned it over and covered with foil.  Cook for 45-60 minutes and a yummy smelling easy dinner.

  • Rotini pasta with mushroom soup, left over chicken and pesto.
  • Manwich from a can with ground beef and cheese: good old Sloppy joes
  • Ravioli from a can
  • Spaghetti with tomato sauce with garlic and basil.
  • Corned beef hash with potatoes
  • Chili from a can with sour cream and nachos chips
  • Fresh perch and trout with farm stand green beans
  • good old Kraft dinner, and hot dogs
  • Ginnie gave Rod a salami of the month club membership for Father’s day so we had a beautiful big smoky beef salami.  Lots of salami sandwiches!
  • Peanut butter and Jam sandwiches
  • more salami sandwiches

I really discovered the joy of a simple camping kitchen.  Damn Canadian Tire with the fold out kitchen and portable hot water heater.  Why leave your kitchen to care for another kitchen in the dirt?  I have always looked at camping cooking as a break from my everyday life.  Keeping it simple is what it is all about.

Last but not least, good coffee made in my little two cup espresso maker.

Merchants of Green coffee coffee.


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