The Travelers

The Travelers Two families in a 35 year old Prowler trailer touring Ontario’s 100 most Unusual Places according to Ron Brown. This is who we are: Ginette Davies I am a mom of three wild and crazy kids. My husband is all over the place and we live on an amazing street with great friends. Originally from Montreal, with a theatre background, I thought I would be lost living here in Toronto. We live a wild and crazy life and rarely say no to any adventures, big or small. As I have researched this tour, I am realizing about all the history there is to tell about Canada, Ontario and our ancestors. It is fascinating really. It is helping me appreciate this new home of mine: the birthplace of my kids. This will rock! ; RodRod Adams Yeah, I’m Rod and I met these Davies folk like 10 years ago and we’ve been partying ever since. We have a long history now and are always looking for a new, wild adventure. So, like a roller coaster we’re pushin’ the extreme here, ’cause this kid collection is a ticking time bomb. I can’t wait to lock them into a car for 3000 km. Oh yeah, I should add that I don’t handle stress too well and might be even a little more stressed than normal about this trip. Lily Davies Hey, I’m Lily the oldest of the Davies children, I’m 11, born in September, which means I’m a virgo and my mom will never let me forget it. I love singing, I sing all the time; in the shower, at the park, in the ocean, wherever I can. I try to write songs a lot, but most of them don’t turn out right. My best friend in the world is Josie Adams, I wouldn’t be who I am now if it weren’t for her. She is the only reason I’m going! Do you really think I wanna be in a trailer with my brother and sister and her best friend, and my MOM? No. I’m looking forward to this trip, but fitting EVERYTHING I need into a backpack? God help me…Anyways lets get this show on the road! Buh Bye!!! Josie Adams Hi! My name is Josie. I am almost 12. I am real excited for the trip; I mean who doesn’t want to sit in a cramped car for three weeks while we count how many bananas go rotten that Arthur has sat on, but seriously I am excited to go on a three week road trip with my best friend Lily, just not for the car part. This sounds like a great idea if you want to get away from the city hustle and bustle. Me, I have always been more of a country person. Ever since I was little it has been my dream to get a horse, but sadly I’m stuck living in the city with my super annoying sister who wakes me up in the morning (I love to sleep in) to change the channel on the TV because she can’t give up three minutes of her life to learn how to use the remote, yah I’m talking’ to you Charlie. I live in a small neighbourhood and I am heading to middle school this fall. I wonder if there will be ice cream on this trip. Ruby Davies Hi I’m the middle child of the Davies. Among the caravan tour girls, most people refer to me as the youngest because: #1 I do a lot of crazy and stupid stuff, and #2 a lot of people Rubyknow me for being short, that’s sad cause I’m like the OLDEST GIRL IN MY CLASS, yet the shortest again! I’m 10 and my 2 BFFs are 2 girls named Emma and Charlie. I’m super exited for the road trip but the part i don’t like about it is we are going to be in the car for technically 3 WEEKS! Actually to some of my friends that’s a great thing, but for me, the person who gets car sick after 3 minutes, it’s so not!!! ; Charlie Adams Hi my name is Charlie, I was born in april 2002. My best friend is Ruby, my favourite colour is yellow, my favourite show is ” Scooby Doo Mystery Incorporated”. I love donuts, they are my favourite food. On the trip I am the photographer which is cool because I like taking pictures. I think this trip is going to rad- Charlie:) ; ; ; Ginnie Adams I’m a working mom of two fabulously amazing girls, Josie and Charlie and Rod’s happy wife. I love magazines and garage sales. Last spring we went to a garage sale looking for a riding mower and came home with a trailer. Fortunately it covers at least some of the grass. Rod and Ginette amaze me with their quest for adventure with the kids. I’m lucky I get to tag along when I can. I’ve always loved road trips. When I was little, my parents would often pack me up in the car and drive across Ontario in search of the finest horse race tracks. This time around, I think the “100 most unusual things” suits our most unusual families. Keep calm and drive on! ; Arthur Davies I lost two teeth, I am 6 and I do not wear diapers. I just want to stay home and play Skylanders. I am like Harry Potter, everybody knows me. This is me at Cherry beach. I found an old skate in the mud. Really. It was a skate.

My name is Matthew Davies. I’m the father of 3 wonderful, weird exciting kids, and married to a certified wing-nut.
Ginette (Wing-nut / Boobytrap / Wonder- Queen) and my best friend Rod (WD-40/ Inaction Man/ Strat’s newest performer) have loaded up the kids (each one a treasure / anything on this table is a buck) and have set out on an inspired wacky improbable crazy adventure destined to be full of emotional highs and lows (Road Trip). I will be joining them on some of the legs of their journey (damage assessment and crazy infusion) and then heading back to town (“work” and Lizard management).



6 thoughts on “The Travelers

  1. You are all very brave to be travelling so long together! Godspeed my friends!! Have a super awesome time! See ya when you return.

  2. Lillllllly! Josssssie! Charlieeeeee! Rubyyyyyy! You girls are my heroes for taking a long car/camper trip with your mom and dad! Annnd a little brother. If you don’t kill each other, you will stay best friends forever.

  3. Having just completed a road trip with my daughter, her husband, and grandsons aged 6 and 9 years … the road part, bleh … the stops were great. Have fun!

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