The Lessons learned

Here are our lessons learned during this trip. They are all important, so here they are in the order we learned them.

Day 1

  • Don’t forget the camera.
  • Breaks and hikes in the middle of a road trip day is essential. (A lunchtime swim doesn’t do the trick.)

Day 2

  • Do not leave too late in the morning. 11 is too late.
  • The GPS is 5 meters out.
  • Never give up. Have faith.
  • Fill the water tanks at least 1/4 of the way full. Especially when traveling with kids and drama queens.


Day 3

  • Remind tweens of deodorant every day.
  • When in doubt, just smile and ask the question.
  • Sandwiches with fresh farm lettuce rock.

Day 4

  • Don’t put your finder in front of the camera.
  • Prep your breakfast dishes at night.
  • Know where your campsite is before you drive your trailer into dead ends.


  • Put more effort into boon docking.  Do not look for boon docking in rich neighbourhoods.
  • Stop fighting with your SISTER!!!


  • When things are getting really bad, just hang in there, cause something good is about to happen.


  • Just when things are at their worst remember that GREAT will follow.  SO just hang in there.

DAY 14

  • When on a long camping trip, always secretly pack some coffee whitener and a firelog, just in case.
  • Close the windows at the back of the trailer when on a gravel road or everything will get covered with grey dust.
  • Bring lots of quarters, toonies and loonies for the laundry machines.  TIP:  do not use this change for ice cream!

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