North to Lake Huron

So far this trip has really followed the shore of Lakes Ontario, Erie and now we go to Huron.  Up from Point Pelee National Park is Petrolia.  The world’s first oil town.  I have been waiting for this the whole trip.  Petrolia Discovery, a sort of pioneer oil town museum.  Well, it’s Tuesday and the countryside shuts a lot of things down on Mondays and Tuesdays.  Not even a decent turn around for the trailer!  I had all these kind of things worked out, but since we have changed course like 4 times, I just lost track.  Bummer. We did picnic at a neat little park across the street from Petrolia with some awesome scupltures in the cut down tree trunks.  Sadly, the ash borer invasive bug has killed so many ash trees in Ontario.  While we were eating and walking around looking at the 7 sculptures, they had chainsawed 5 trees on the opposite side of the park.  The sound of a falling tree is like a car crash!

Off to Rock Glen Gorge, near Grand Bend in Arkona.  The Ausable river runs through this gorge and there are so many fossils to be found.  It was a wonderful 2 hour stop, a great walk along a boardwalk, up the rocky valley with beautiful potholes and treasures to be found.  Rod wishes we made it to the museum, but by the time we got through we had forgotten to look for it.

JOSIE SAYS:  7: I liked lots of clay and if you stood really still, 3 damsel flies would land on your arm!

LILY SAYS: 7: It was fun and lots of great life there.  I liked rubbing the clay and the fact that there are such old fossils to be found three hours away from our house in incredible.

ARTHUR: 7: There was a big pool under a cliff.  Not the kind you swim in though.

RUBY: 7: It was fun and nice.
CHARLIE: 8: I really liked rocking across the rocks up the river.

Arthur had a knack for finding the smallest pieces of fossils.

We are now headed past the PInery and will camp where we run out of gas and patience!  We are headed for Tobermory the top end of the Bruce Peninsula, one of Canada’s newest National Parks.  It’s far, I need to turn five pages in the map book!


When on a long camping trip, always secretly pack some coffee whitener and a firelog, just in case.

Close the windows at the back of the trailer when on a gravel road or everything will get covered with grey dust.

Bring lots of quarters, toonies and loonies for the laundry machines.  TIP:  do not use this change for ice cream!


Welcome to the tip of Canada!

In the face of dwindling interest and awesome things overload for the kids, we had to throw the big guns at them: Point Pelee. The most southern tip of Canada and an Eco wonderland.

Point Pelee Provincial Park

The trip isn’t over yet but it is a constant battle to keep them focused. As soon as we arrived at the visitor’s centre, they were running around enjoying a really good interactive museum.  It was really well set up, everyone from Arthur (6) to Josie, almost 12, found something that excited them.  On the shuttle down to the tip of Canada, we discussed that perhaps this would be our last day, three of the five were very upset. Majority wins!  We reached the southern tip, and tried to keep Arthur from jumping into dangerous undertows. We found another beach and swam on a pebble shore with four foot waves. The kids were smiling and laughing and throwing themselves in the waves. A rating of 9 and 10 s for Point Pelee.


At Point Pellee the waves were massive.  i could go there all the time except you swallowed a bunch of water.

I don’t think they realize that they still have five weeks of summer after this, enough time to catch up on reruns and sleep.

Rod just bought an assortment of micro beers and fresh perch, so we are here for a while longer.  Back to Wheatley Provincial Park, a perfect place to rest for these two days.  The campground host came by to say hello and brought some colouring pages for the kids.  When we arrived from our little trip to Point Pelee, there were 7 eggs sitting on our picnic table.  Freaked us out, cause Rod had been searching for our four leftover eggs this morning, and all of a sudden there were 7, 1 for each of us, on the table.  We assume from our host and not some wild chicken in this amazing bird sanctuary.

More views more views, ELLEN!

Hello there this is Lily talking about the views.
This trip is such a crazy fun adventure for me! I want to thank everyone personally for all the comments, all the subscribes, and OH MY GOSH, guys we reached 2000 views! 2000! If I could I would give you guys the yummy s’mores we get to eat by the toasty campfire(But I cant because I’m traveling across the province, Sorry!). Keep up the great work so that we can achieve our goal, we have a crazy dream that if we get an insane amount of views we can get on Ellen! So please keep coming back everyday, tell your friends about us, send a group email to everyone you know with our website address and If you know anyone super famous or Ellen herself then please show them our website! We love you all so much and keep on coming back, it’s day 10 and were at 2061 views, Thanks a bunch guys, Lily:)


Kilbride Castle By Arthur

Arthur’s view on Castle Kilbride

Its was awkward. ‘Cause all of the stuff was old fashioned. My favorite floor was the one with the wooden toys on it. “Don’t write this but I have to go to the bathroom” Says Arthur during the interview.” “ When we first goed into the castle we got some candies and we did the movie about the castle. And then we did the twour. *Thats how Arthur says tour* “then we did the I spy, We had a menu that would show what we needed to find, Josie had one and Ruby had one. I was on the top floor I said to Lily I didn’t want to drop this for two reasons; 1: My hands were all sweaty and I didn’t want to drop my shark shooter into the glass. Number 2: I wanted to hold it on the left hand. Before I said “imagine if I dropped this through the window” I went to my mum and there were windows at the top floor and I looked through one of them and my mum said “imagine if when you looked out the window, everything you could see was yours” Then I said Imagine if I drooped this through the window. See ya on the road, Arthur (Lily and Josie typing.)


THEY’VE GONE INSANE. FREAKING INSANE. Alright this morning I woke up everyone so that we could play UNO. Very intense game for the kids. We all finished the game and had some bagels for breakfast, after that when we were starting to pack up, Rod made Charlie cry(nice going dude) and then things got crazy, this morning we got a total of 3 scratches, 2lost water bottles and some missing ear buds. Things will get better mummy said. 2 hours later we reached the pioneer place thingy and found out it was closed. HOW FREAKING FANTASTIC. Then we headed to rattlesnake campgrounds. Were there any available campsites? Yes. There was a group campsite for 115$. “Will you pay with cash or credit card?” Go die. After we left there we headed down a steep hill and our breaks over heated, HOW WONDERFUL. Then Rod and mummy said we were going to walk TWO KILOMETERS TO CRAWFORD LAKE. That’s when Ruby started crying. Could this day get any worse? I bet 20 bucks it WILL. Toodles Lily.

How is it going so far kids? Know when to ask….


I think they look happy….

I asked the kids to each write a post of their road trip so far. There are high and low moments, that’s for sure! We were on a long hot driving bit. The heat is very tough and everyone has that horrible sticky feeling in the car. I have decided to reschedule the whole trip, so we drive less and chill more.

Hey it’s Lily here!
This trip has been pretty epic so far but I’m going insane. I can’t spend any more time in the car without killing Ruby and her fast music* She takes songs and speeds them up so its sounds like the chipmunk version* We keep running out of water and I don’t have nail polish remover! I can’t write any songs with Ruby and Josie’s parody of sexy and I know it turned into ” This place infested and we know it” (talking about the trailer) in the back of my head. This trip is getting really hard for me and I kinda wanna stop but… the dang werdio show must go on! Yours Truly,

This trip so far has been a lot to handle. Luckily, I have been hangin’ in pretty well. My favourite part of this trip is probablly the warsaw caves. My least favourite part was the Hell Holes. They were too buggy! 😦 over and out, Charlie

So far this trip has been good.we have done a lot of driving. I think everyone is going crazy and really needs a break. It has been so hot and I can’t stand it.
Sincerely, Josie

Day 6 and I am already cracking, mostly because of Arthur. Things are going well. We are doing a lot of driving. At least I am not carsick. Ruby

Arthur: Good, Very good and great. All the caves are great. Peace Arthur

Buggy hell hole

WARNING!  Prince Edward County has nasty cell service, so I have no idea how this post looks.  Excuse  us!  ciao.

Hell holes ADULT rating

We are driving out of Hell Holes, a geological wonder just north of Napanee.
There are two ratings here:
Adults rated it a

Hell holes Kid rating, WE HATE BUGS!!

The kids rated it a 2
Cause of all the bugs.
Ruby was expecting more caves and there was only one really neat cave with a tight fit. A neat cave 20 feet deep. The cave itself got an 8.

There is a 3 1/2 km trail through amazing worn out granite in a Canadian rainforest. Yes, the heat and bugs were insane but so were the rocks and cliffs. Rod’s mind is blown!

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Agh! The best picture of Matt hanging and my finger is in it.
Arthur seemed fine and joked “hey girls… Do you want to do that trail again?”

Great trail. Try it in the fall. The rainforest won’t be the same but the kids would have taken more time to marvel at the beauty of it all!

Lily adds that the bugs were tough to deal with but we still had fun.
We found a leftover rabbit foot recently eaten. The question is “What ate the bunny?”

Warsaw caves, Petroglyphs and dinner!

Petroglyphs Provincial Park

Warsaw Caves And Disappearing River

Marmora Hole

Hey it’s Lily! We’re stopping at Theresa’s Diner for dinner in Marmora! Delish! We had burgers, pancakes, omlettes, and sweet cold water!!!

At the Diner!!!

Last night was our first night in the trailer. We “boon docked” and Rod was so proud to camp for free! Arthur just can’t shut his mouth. “Goodnight girls, I hope you have nightmares” was the last thing we heard from him before the grownups kicked him out.

The four girls trying to sleep in. Sorry no curtains ladies!

We woke up to Rod blasting Adele, bacon, and life cereal. We made it to Petroglyphs provincial parks and saw the amazing aboriginal drawings.

Then we headed to Warsaw caves and met up with Ginnie and Daddy. The caves were INCREDIBLE! I would definitely go back! We all had fun exploring and ended with a trip to the beach. Tuna bagels were the perfect lunch for grimy sandy hands.

After that we climbed into the cars and headed to Belleville.

Hold on! Do we really have time to go to the big hole of Marmora? I guess so!

IT WAS AMAZING!!! All nine of us all shouted out at the same time and created an insane echo. It was almost too far for a real echo. The colour of the water was sooooooo blue. SO BLUE. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO blue.

Toodles, Lily:)


Geocache, moles, almost dying. What a trip!

We just stopped on the way to Parry sound, to find a geocache. Not what we expected, first the hill. It was so high even Ruby got tired of it. Ruby. Then we found a bunch of trails left, right, under my legs, everywhere. Then we found some blackberries and ate them until we found it. The dead mole. Ew. Ew.Ew. We stared walking looking to find it but then charlie heard Rod talking about the Blaire Witch Project, Charlie asked Lily if it was real. What a trouble maker, a couple minutes later Charlie asked Rod if the Blaire Witch lived around her. We ended up giving up the geocache because it was too long of a walk, we’re all just a bunch of wussies.