My sincerest apologies……

Crawford Lake and Iroquois Village.

Rod here.  Yes, we did walk 2km around an incredible miromictic lake in a prehistoric no, primordial forest.  Iit was amazing and worth the effort to get here. We saw a pre-contact Iroquios village.  A real surprise. that shifted the day.  We have a picture of a man starting the fire from scratch.

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Our overall rating was 8 but Lily’s score was a 9, so I’m sure her day went way better than she expected.  Mine however was less than perfect. It started with the repairs on the tire, quick and cheap but a sign of things to come. Within a short distance we found ourselves headed to Rattlesnake point.  When we discovered the price for camping, we had to keep on trucking’. The only problem was we were on top of some mammoth escarpment and the road down may as well have been straight down. I was breaking so hard that the only thing slowing us down was tires skidding through serpentine curves with a steady chirp chirp chirp. At the bottom we could smell the break pads more than we could feel them, it took me 200 yards of flat ground to stop. The end of the road was blocked by an OPP cruiser and a clean-up crew dealing with a garbage scow foolish enough to try the same hill. I pulled over to the shoulder and my brand new heavy duty pads and disks had turned blue from heat. We killed the next 45 minutes there on the shoulder eating hotdogs cooked in the 7000 lb soon to be anchor. When the breaks had cooled we got moving again and thats when I realized we had only covered 40 km so far. En route to Crawford Lake as we bounced along county road whatever, we heard a fairly loud boom but didn’t worry too much because the truck and trailer looked fine and we had been slowed down by several dysfunctional destinations. After the amazing Crawford lake and Iroquois village we only had about 15 km to travel bringing our daily total to 84 km, a big letdown for me, but many of our spots are in this area and the kids were looking for shorter days. The campsite at Valens conservation area was great but I’m not sure what the focus of this conservation area is. It surely isn’t the semi-arid pond whose coliform count exceeded allowable levels and was closed to swimming. Anyway we needed a spot in the area and this is all we have. As we backed into the campsite, an act I’m getting fairly good at, we noticed an overwhelming smell of urine. Not just the site but inside the camper too. Upon inspection I discovered the source of the aroma. The loud boom we heard driving the country roads was the sound of 35 year old plastic giving out with the weight of 5 or 6 gallons of sewage. No need to dump this baby out any more, our bathroom had become an outhouse with a hole to the nether world. And so my title, some poor slob on some dirt road somewhere is driving through my 5 gallons of sewage. Sorry buddy shit happens.


The Tire In Fergus

On our way into Elora Gorge conservation area, a screw found his way into our back tire. It was all right for the rest of the day, but it couldn’t stay like that for ever, so we had to drive into Fergus. We stopped at Wellington North Tires to have the tire patched.

While the tire was being worked on, everyone (exept Rod) went to Mac’s corner store for some icey cold frosters. After that we went to the river to see what we could see. 😉 On our way back to the tire shoppe, we stopped at a store called I Love Chocolate. There, we bought Rod some fudge. *YUM*

Ginette pointed out the age of all the old buildings.  She seemed really impressed by all the old buildings.  We saw the war Memorial.  It was just a statue but cool just the same.

over and out,


We stopped at the HALTON RAILWAY MUSEUM.  It was a lot of money for all of us so we just saw the trains on the outside.  Lily liked to see things that are old that are still in good shape.

Our luxurious accommodations

As per popular request, finally, here are pictures of the accommodations.

We usually sleep:
Ginette(mom) and Arthur on small dinette bed. Good thing I am only 5’1 1/4″.

The fours girls across the large bed and Rod in the top bunk. He sometimes Sticks up a tent. Ruby loves the top bunk.

Rod installed a black light fluorescent bulb in the washroom.
Funky midnight disco pees!!


We timed our pack up this morning from Rockwood. The time to beat is: 32 minutes
The kids were awesome at packing.
We went from this


To this:

Caravan sweet caravan

Lily says: living in the trailer with all these people is like being caged with baby cubs: so cute but rambunctious.

Dang… We just caught a screw. Let’s hope for the best.
I want Rod to tube with us before he heads out to a tire shop.


Badlands and Love gardens

Here is your challenge people:  So far, our views have almost equaled our kilometres.  We hit 1000 views on the same day as we hit 1000 km.  Right now we are sitting at 1427 km and 1388 views.  Spread the word.  If we can get through this, you can do this!

Today, was rough.  Started on the beautiful sandy beach at Sandbanks.  We kept at 11 for Niagara Region.  By Oshawa, the kids were breaking down.  The heat, the smell, the drive, the brother, it is all to much.  Yes, Are we there yet? has been mentioned.

Ginette scrambled to reschedule the day, the week, the entire trip.  Instead of heading down to Niagara, we just turned right off the 401 to country Style, bribed them with slushies and headed to the unusual places to see in the Halton area.

First stop, through an amazing little place called Chetelham.  Nice rich houses around there.  Near Calendon Ontario.  We stopped at the Chetlham Badlands.  In the middle of lush fields and old growth trees, in hills are these red hard hills.  You have got to see this.  The sight totally got the kids out of their funk.  We were all a little awestruck.

RUBY SAYS:  It was so cool, I could run up and down as much as I can.  All the scrapes from falling were worth it.

For twenty minutes, no one mentioned the 33 degrees heat.

We then drove along gorgeous country road.  This was no place to boon dock!

Belfountain Park

We headed to Belfountain Conservation Area.  A cute little park on a river with a small damn and a gorge.  This park has rocky trails and little rock cave built for the woman he loved.  A beautiful spot in a funny little town.

Josie liked this spot because there were so many things to see, a surprise around every corner.

A real water wheel. Real!! Awesome!



  • Put more effort into boon docking.  Do not look for boon docking in rich neighbourhoods.
  • Stop fighting with your SISTER!!!

Getting the Prowler ready

Here it is, the countdown is on and i have 2 days to get a 35 year old Prowler ready to travel what will end up being 2-3 thousand kilometers. In small bursts of course but any RV would take some setting up for a trip this size let alone one this old. I checked and greased the wheel bearings just last year and we’ve only put 200 km on it since so I know they should be fine. the rest of the trailer is different, I need to flush and sterilize the water tank and test the plumbing system. It has always leaked a bit but only slow drips on the outside tap. We’ll be needing the tank at least part way filled for any “boondocking” chances we get (boondocking is when you scoop a free site somewhere ). We have a good 12 volt power supply but very few ways to use the power, the water pump on the tank and a light in the bathroom. I’ll need to address that this weekend so we can muster more light at least. With water and electric tested I’ll move on to the fridge and water heater, both run on propane and wont work while driving( at least i don’t think so as the pilot light would surely blow out). I grew up in a campground that my parents owned but as far as the real RVing goes i have NO experience except a test drive we took last year. We survived that despite having the wrong size ball on my hitch. We also had an animal break a window on my truck to get to our garbage, probably because i left it cracked open so the garbage smell wouldn’t build up too much. All lessons learned and we’re going for the big time now, wish us luck and a mechanically perfect trip( there will be enough issues with the trip, vehicle problems would surely exacerbate them).