The work it takes to make it through this trip.

Rod is a workhorse.  You need a workhorse to do this.  He is a man who just gets it done.
I have done my fair share as well.  I try to keep all of our stuff organized, so we can get going quickly when we need to.. Sadly I have a horrible memory, so I keep forgetting where I put everything…  At least the trailer is small enough, that I do eventually find the stuff.

We had all good intentions on getting the kids to do some of the work.  Every kid would have their task when it came to packing up the trailer or setting up camp.  There all had a specific blog to keep up with.

At first, the endless driving seemed like work to Rod.  Now that he is used to it, It is  a vacation from the work.  It is an opportunity to look at the sights and get some fresh air.  The kids are buckled in.

The work really starts when we get to the campground.   Just pulling onto a site is a project in itself with the trailer, where you want to park the trailer, where you want the door of trailer, how you will back in or pull through the site.  If you do not give it enough thought, you will scratch the fender off.  

Then there is the levelling.  Travelling with little water in the tank, the trailer has to be levelled just right or the taps will not work.  Travelling with too much water, you can increase your load by a thousand pounds.  If do not stabilize it right, it feels like you are sleeping in a canoe.

Then, you let the kids of out of the car.  Crap falls out of the car, crap follows them around the site for you to pick up later, and the worthwhile crap gets lost in the crap in the car.  So much effort is put into charging all the electronics.  We are four laptops, three smart phones and a dumb phone.  Cords are constantly being mixed up and all you here, is That is my cord, No it’s mine!  Who cares?  Let’s just charge your itouch!

Charging station.

When the kids are at their best, 40%0of the time, one opens all the windows in the trailer and a couple take out the camping chairs.  But if we are stopping to camp, inevitably, it’s dinner time.  I laugh to think of what the other campers are thinking as we pull up in this old trailer with writing all over it.  The doors open, out come seven people and within 12 minutes, the kids are making noise sitting on chairs, Rod has removed the propane tank and set-up the outside stove and something is already cooking and we each have a beer in our hand.

sidebar: after tasting so many microbrewery craft beers, Id like to say one thing:  ENOUGH WITH THE HOPPS ALREADY.  We both like the hoppy beer, but hopps doesn’t make the beer.

Packing up takes a steady one hour.  Dishes, putting away the beds and laundry.

Always laundry, no matter where you go!

Laundry.  Our first weekend at Auntie Mo’s House, she did all of our laundry.  Bliss.   I have had to do laundry twice this trip.  If we were close to a comfort station with laundry, I took advantage of it.  I never had enough quarters.  My loads were always too big.  The first time we almost drove away from the campground leaving the clothes in the dryer!  What a save that was.  Three nights ago, we were folding laundry, a little drunk, at 11 pm.  We have a little sorting to through at the end of this trip with all those girlie underwear!

Then we have the blog.  I know we would boot have taken so many pictures had it  not been for the blog.  After twelve years and all these kids, we are a little lazy about taking shots any more.  The kids were good about taking pictures.  I overheated my lap in the car, uploading pics from my camera, Rod’s and the Nikon camera.  I have to admit, we missed a few turns because I was busy editing.  Rod says the first priority is figuring out where you need to go before you blog.  I tried, I really tried.


Barracks, Lakes and Birdhouses and no swimming.

We saw a record number of unusual spots today!  We toured gorgeous Picton today.

Camp Picton

Birdhouse City

Lake on the Mountain

We left Arthur behind with Auntie Mo for a little peace.  Things were calmer without him.  Things were easier, but in some ways he was missed.  I am his Mom, so I am a little biased.

Rod liked their IPA, Matt liked their Porter and Ginette liked Brown Ale.

It was a very successful day.  We managed to squeeze in a Beer tasting at Barley Days.

Brewery and County Cider Company. Barley Days makes a great craft beer in several flavours and County Cider is famous for their cider.

40 abandoned army barracks sitting on the top of the hill. Many locals don’t even know they are there!

All in all the kids liked every spot but each one left a little something to be desired.  The ghost town barracks at Camp Picton were really cool, but all the kids wanted to get out of the car and look inside which was not allowed for some silly reason.  Seeing the man piss off the porch was a highlight.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Similarly Birdhouse City was a very unique place to visit with over a hundred cool handmade birdhouses but no birds.

Lastly, we made our way to the Lake on the Mountain.  Wow, it really is a lake 300 feet above lake Ontario, a very impressive sight except for the pretentious surroundings.  No place to picnic save a few crowded picnic tables in a miniature provincial park the size of a small parking lot.

Here is the view looking down from the road….

Turn around and here is the view of a huge lake sitting right there on top of the mountain. Very cool.  Matthew stands in for Arthur.

The rest is well marked private property and fancy restaurants and inns. No access to the water for a swim so we joined the hoy ploy in the parkette for a picnic on the ground then made our way back to the truck to search elsewhere for a beach. None to be found, we had let the day wear on too long and Prince Edward County has no free beaches anywhere and we weren’t about to pay 24$ for an hour of swimming at Sandbanks. I really felt bad for the regular folks of Belleville and Picton who don’t get to swim in the heat of the summer despite being surrounded by water.  Now back to our home base for a shower and a beer.

Happy Adams family picture.

Road trip beer blog one

Rod and I love beer. Rod even makes his own beer. We thought it might be nice to taste some Ontario microbrewery flavored during our travels. I looked up the actual breweries thinking we could check them out, but they are all in the middle of town. Don’t think Rod wants to drag that huge trailer around Peterborough! Thankfully LCBOs are very common on country roads. They all carry their local county beers just to make our life easier.

Beer one:

SUMMERWEISS, by Muskoka. 5%

We are fans of the wheat beer. This one was nice , but very light. Rod thought it a little too fruity. Nice and refreshing with our salami lunch, but we will pass on it next time.