Vacation Aftermath

We emptied the trailer and the car onto the lawn at Blue Moon, Rod and Ginnie’s cottage.  Well folks.  There was a lot of sorting to be done.

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Of course the children were no where to be seen.  They were also not heard.  They were so happy to chill with a movie, some Legos and crazy crafts.  We just let them be.  The kids were in great shape.  They were relaxed and got along.

Knowing we are off to a group camping trip of twenty next weekend gave a purpose to our chaos.   Camping in one spot for three days and four nights will be a breeze.  Even the kids are looking forward to being in one spot.

Rod and I arrived at about nine oclock on Friday night.   Matthew and Ginnie welcomed us with really cold beers and put the kids to bed.  Rod and I were a little bummed that the group vote went against that one last night at Awenda.  Although, scoring a site there at 7pm on a gorgeous Friday was unlikely.  We sat down on the couch with our beers.  The kids were someone else’s problem, and there was nothing to do.  We both crashed so hard!  It has taken about four days to start feeling normal.  I have never seen my friend Rod so exhausted.  Saturday I slept in.  Coming down to the porch and sitting there to the sound of the birds and smell of the woods, seemed to settle me.  It was so weird!  After lunch, I took a nap and woke up, had a drink and was ready for another nap.  I didn’t think I was so tired!

We are all back in the city.  I still do not have my sense of time back.  I have no idea what day it is!  I came home to the smell of my neighbor’s broken BBQ gas line, a jungle in the backyard and a science experiment in the fridge.  I just dove into laundry and camping prep and thank goodness, the Olympics.  What those athletes do is so much harder than what I do!

Watch for the kids interviews over the next few days.