How can you afford this trip?!


My mom asked me, “How can you afford this trip?!”

And what stay in the city? The heat, the boredom. We don’t have air conditioning, air flow or even the shade from a tree on our house!

Every other kid is in day camp somewhere. At 200 bucks a week it really adds up. The girls have no friends around in the summer. The parks are empty of tweens.

It costs $75 for us all to go see a movie.

Heck these kids spend 10 bucks a day at 7/11.

The wading pools and splash pads are a good thing, if you’re a penguin!

That leaves us with more iCarly reruns.

No, we leave the city, Mom.

It can be so crazy here that we actually think this three week trailer tour will be easier. ’nuff said