Trail ride Birthday

On our way back home Ginette had been planning on bringing Josie on a trail ride for her birthday. “I think we’ll be around Owen Sound, tomorrow at noon”, said Ginette.  Matthew had done research the day before.  He found a great place called Windsong Ranch.

We had to leave Cypress Lake campground by 11AM and drive about two hours to Owen Sound from Tobermory.  Pulling a trailer really screws up travelling time and everything takes longer.

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We arrived at Windsong Ranch. Gord, the rancher says   “Oh you are all wearing shorts. “(he wasn’t very impressed.)   Then he looks at our feet and says “I see you’re wearing running shoes”  I said, “I thought were better than crocks.   I thought we did good.”  We had jump into the trailer to change into pants and rubber boots.

Not all of the Party Caravan crew were keen on horseback riding.  Gord said Leave it up to me and sure enough he got everybody on a horse whether they liked it or not.

While we were cleaning and brushing the horses, Charlie was getting really nervous.  Heather, the lady rancher, said not to worry.  They will put her on the calmest horse they have:  Magic.  Well Magic was the tallest black horse I have ever seen.  Charlie ended up trading horses with Arthur.  He was supposed to ride Alladin, the pony.  Magic was so big his poops could be Arthur’s size!  Josie turned to her dad and said, “You’re in my house now Daddy.”

We got a lesson and started on the trail.  Charlie really relaxed and ended up having a wonderful ride, thanks to the ranchers.  Lily and Ruby were so competitive and kept trying to pass each other.  They were comparing passing each other with all the Mario Kart they played.

The views were gorgeous and we had an amazing afternoon.  Still feel the pain I tell ya!

Rod and I were so ready to have one last night of camping before ending the trip.  It would be nice to have a dinner swim after horseback riding.  But the kids were decided.  The girls voted us down.   Arthur was on our side. But majority wins.  So Blue Moon we went.


GAMES the kids play.

Day 11 was a non eventful day. Yesterday was jammed pack and Matthew and Ginnie arrived to meet us. We have also allowed the kids to stay up too late too many nights in a row playing UNO. Fatigue has caught up, so we thought we would slow it down.

We also have a killer drive to Point Pellee tomorrow so we drove half way to break it up. We had a great spot at Rock point Provincial Park but the beach did not deliver so we left early for Point Burwell. Beach. The provincial park was full so we just went to the public beach. It was sandy and nice, extremely shallow. The water quality was unknown but we had a nice time. The great view from the beach were the 29 windmills on a point to the east.

I thought I would use this slow day as a post about the games the kids play.

Number one is UNO. A classic card game. Sadly they left the deck by the sink and the cards got wet and stuck together! They ended each day playing three rounds. It was so funny listening to them. One day they said, let’s play without saying a word! Their silence was the funniest of all!







They also play funny make believe games at every campsite. Changing campsites allows the kids to create different worlds every night. They really are funny! They play town hall, and nail salon. I had to pick up all this play money they had made from scraps of paper at the site this morning. The other day they played some kind of Mystery Date game show where Arthur had to pick the best girl. As we made dinner tonight, I heard them on the next site opening a bar I think? Five bucks a beer.

Here is a picture of Josie “hypnotizing” Ruby with her new pocket watch.


I love it! I just can not keep up with their imaginations.


A great game, until they lost the ball, was HOT. Rod and I would sit in our chairs and marvel at the fact that our kids were happily playing ball!
Josie explains the game:
We all stand in a circle equally apart and pass the ball randomly to each other, or a bad throw. If someone misses the catch or throw they get a letter spelling hot. It is a game we like to play with Arthur when he is acting normal.


Warsaw caves, Petroglyphs and dinner!

Petroglyphs Provincial Park

Warsaw Caves And Disappearing River

Marmora Hole

Hey it’s Lily! We’re stopping at Theresa’s Diner for dinner in Marmora! Delish! We had burgers, pancakes, omlettes, and sweet cold water!!!

At the Diner!!!

Last night was our first night in the trailer. We “boon docked” and Rod was so proud to camp for free! Arthur just can’t shut his mouth. “Goodnight girls, I hope you have nightmares” was the last thing we heard from him before the grownups kicked him out.

The four girls trying to sleep in. Sorry no curtains ladies!

We woke up to Rod blasting Adele, bacon, and life cereal. We made it to Petroglyphs provincial parks and saw the amazing aboriginal drawings.

Then we headed to Warsaw caves and met up with Ginnie and Daddy. The caves were INCREDIBLE! I would definitely go back! We all had fun exploring and ended with a trip to the beach. Tuna bagels were the perfect lunch for grimy sandy hands.

After that we climbed into the cars and headed to Belleville.

Hold on! Do we really have time to go to the big hole of Marmora? I guess so!

IT WAS AMAZING!!! All nine of us all shouted out at the same time and created an insane echo. It was almost too far for a real echo. The colour of the water was sooooooo blue. SO BLUE. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO blue.

Toodles, Lily:)


Ghost Town Animal

On one of our first adventures of the Party Caravan Road trip, we went to a ghost town called Depot Harbour, near Parry Sound.  We found a strange cement bridge.  It was actually half a bridge.  All seven of us went on top to check it out.  Of course, I was the first person to go down and look at it.  Then Lily and everyone joined us.  Rod was the first person to take a peek underneath through the rectangular piece of wood.

Rod shined the camera light into that hole.

All of a sudden, a bat flew out leaving everyone in shock.  All of us started to leave when we all saw it was just a hollow wedge of heavy cement.  All of us started to make it back to the car, but not me. I was at a small cement pool.

Up behind a rock, a huge spider the size of a hand.  And what did I do, do you ask, well I screamed and ran right to my Mom.  One of its’ legs was actually on my hand!!  I screamed all the way to the car hoping that I didn’t get bit by an extremely scary poisonous scary that I will never see again.

Almost ready for departure.

ETD: July 11 2012, 10AM….tomorrow!!!

DESTINATION: 34 of Ontario’s most unusual spots to see

TRANSPORTATION:  1978 Prowler, Rod and Ginnie’s garage sale find

TRAVELLERS:  2 sets of parents, 4 tweens, one 6 year boy & two dogs

CHALLENGE:  accident prone family

Time for those final lists.  The big one being what is left to do?  Most of the todos involve setting our houses up for departure: paying bills, last laundry, making sure there is enough food for the spouses who are staying until the weekend, but not so much food that we will return to fruit flies and mold.  Obviously, the dishwasher started leaking today!

No time to worry about that now, this is the trip of a lifetime.  Okay my neighbor is leaving for the Galapagos Islands tomorrow, and that sounds kinda cool.  Who cares!  WE are headed for Depot Harbour near Parry Sound.  I use the word trip versus vacation, cause we are stay at home parents and we will be working our butts off over the next few weeks.

The girls are excited to blog the heck out of this trip.  We know where we are headed and hope that these unusual spots are worth it in the end. So far I think this is going to work out, barring any complications.

Follow this blog!  The one thing that will keep the kids sane is knowing that people are watching.

Bonus blog:  Ontario microbrewery beers!

Can’t wait for tomorrow!  I need a drink.



Craft kit for the car!

I knew that we might get bored in the car and explode if we didn’t have anything to keep us busy so I made a craft bag including the essentials.  
– pencil crayons
– markers
– ruler
– construction paper
– white paper
– beads
– elastic string
– note pad
– coloured cord
– dollar store craft kit
– scissors
– tape
Ruby says she is going to teach us how to make beaded bracelets so that should be entertaining.  I’m thinking of teaching everyone how to make some paper garlands to put in the windows of the trailer since we don’t have any curtains!
Sincerely, Josie “Are we there yet?” Adams

New nails.

Just finished my nails, blue skys with birds flying high, pale blue with white fluffy clouds and simple black birds, better then my other design, friends and family going on the trip.
Blue skys, I really hope that no rain or clouds come upon us one the trip, like my nails!




Crazy Kid, Arthur…

What a crazy kid. My brother , my bro my mutant. Dripping wet after running down the street with a hose in his boxers. He sprayed our car. Our neighbor’s car and me. He sprayed me with my new orange rain coat. The life of Arthur, sprays peoples car and then he sits dripping wet watching iCarly. Be ready to see more of Arthur’s crazy water adventures on our trip!




Packing day!!!

Today is packing day! Hooray… The parents say we get one backpack full of whatever we need. Are you kidding me?
My make-up and nail polish kit wont fit in an entire backpack. So I will just bring mascara, OH THE HARDSHIPS I’m going to face, List of stuff I need:

– long sleeve sweater

– 6 t-shirts

– a bunch of other stuff

Thanks for reading -Lily:)