The Beginnings


Hope you are all having a rocking summer so far.
We invite you to follow our families’ travel blog for the next three weeks.
We are Matthew and Ginette Davies and Virginia and Rod Adams. We live in Leslieville and met 7 years ago when the girls were wee. We share meals and movies, weekends and laughs. We are lucky that the parents are great friends, as well as the kids.
Every summer vacation our two families get together cottaging and camping. Hanging in the city is expensive and the kids don’t really want to go to camp. Camp for three kids is expensive. Rod Adams and Ginette Davies are both stay at home parents. We have five kids between the two families, Josie(11) and Charlie (10) Adams and Lily(11) and Ruby (10) and Arthur(6) Davies
Here is how this project started:
As summer loomed and fear of being stuck in a hot house in the city with cranky screen crazy kids approached, we knew we needed a plan. We usually just go to the cottage and tell the kids to run in the woods. Tweens would do it for a day, and then “I’m bored” would echo through the cottage.
For Christmas, Rod gave me Ron Brown‘s book, “Top 100 Unusual Things to See in Ontario.” Rod and I started looking through this book and chatted about how cool it would be to just drive around visiting these weird places. Then it hit us: SUMMER!
How could we get the kids, three of which get car sick, to follow us on this adventure?
BLOG IT, I said. I thought I could get the girls a little excited about this idea if we blogged about our adventures. Considering crazy things seem to happen to us on an every day basis, this might actually be funny!
Each member of the family leafed through the book and marked all the spots that interested them.
We then bought a map and flagged all the spots that had three or more flags, and a route started to appear.
Since we are trying to do this on the cheap, Rod has been investigating camping in provincial parks, on crown land, highway rest stops, Walmart parking lots and boon docking. (Rod will blog about this soon…) Ontario Provincial Campgrounds are beautiful but at $40-$50 a night, it adds up.
We are traveling with Arthur, our very own tasmanian devil, so I am a little weary of the Walmart parking lot. He needs to be let loose every day and parking lots get dangerous!
I have been researching the spots and am learning tons of history about pioneers, Ontario and this country. Now that school is over, the girls are starting to get excited. We made business cards with the link and they have handed them out to their friends and teachers.
Please spread the word and pass this along. We will try to post daily, depending on finding a McDonalds free WI-FI, Starbucks free WI-FI or Internet cafe since Rogers cottage country 3G is a little iffy.
Enjoy the adventure!
Rod, Matthew, Virginia, Ginette, Josie, Lily, Ruby, Charlie and Arthur (in chronological order…)




3 thoughts on “The Beginnings

  1. I just came across your blog via GoJulesGo. What a great idea! I’m now following your adventures, and may borrow the idea once my daughter is a little older.

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