The Campgrounds

Ontario Campgrounds.  Not known as the cheapest around.  Mostly about 40$ a night for a site.  Gorgeous properties though.  Every provincial Park has its’ highlight.

night 1: Boondocked off of Highway 6, north of
Swam at a free public beach on Stony Lake

night 2: Aunt Mo in Belleville

night 3: Aunt Mo in Belleville

night 4: Sandbanks Provincial Park:

  • PROS: Awesome beach for sure. Shallow swimming, incredible sandcastle sand
  • CONS: Poison ivy everywhere, we had to be careful about playing around at the site. Very Busy place.

night 5: Rockwood Conservation Area

  • PROS: cool place, very nice trails. nice small beach. Would have loved to canoe here, nice showers, but pay showers with hot water. (We were there in a heat wave remember?) Very family oriented.
  • CONS: jammed packed together sites. We paid for services we couldn’t even reach. (Charlie says a con for Rockwood is the possibility of canoeing. She doesn’t like boats!)

night 6-7   Elora gorge conservation

  • PROS: the gorge is huge and long and you can ride an inner tube down it
  • They have no swimming so you get into the Elora quarry for free. Not a great beach but really nice swimming experience. You need pool noodles and life jackets for non swimmers cause it is very deep.
  • CONS: it costs 25$ to rent the life jacket, inner tube and helmet, So bring your own.
  • The campground was empty, yet they still put all the 3 campers right next to each other, on the corner with traffic!!

No swimming area.

Night 7-8
Valens conservation area.

Weird little site. Very stinky, but it turned out to be our busted septic tank.
Laundry was close to the sites so I caught up and did two loads. We almost drove away without the laundry!! Very close! Last minute detail.

Night 9-10
Rock point provincial park

  • PROS: Large clear grassy site, no bugs, but super seaweed smelly on the second morning. Worst in 20 years they say….
  • CONS: Very rocky beach full of seaweed and dead fish.

Night 11
Springwater conservation area.
Nice big woody sites, not very busy. More mosquitos than anywhere on our trip. Amazing birds.

Night 12-13
Wheatly Provincial Park, Point Pelee
Great campground.
Awesome boardwalk across the marsh to the pebble beach.
Good swimming beach with great skies.

Night 14
Point Farms Provincial Park

  • PROS: staff was so nice and smart.  Beach was fun and huge waves for dinner swim

Night 15-16
Cypress Lake National Park, Tobermory

  • PROS: cedar sites, cheapest campground of the trip, amazing grotto
  • CONS:smallish site, but worth the location

Night 17
Blue Moon Cottage, Seguin Falls


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