The Places

Here is the general itinerary for our trip.  Most of these places were found in Ron Brown’s book 100 unusual spots to see in Ontario.  Someone also mapped all the locations on Google, plus a few extra from his new book, 115 unusual spots to see in Ontario.
1 Depot Harbour ghost town Parry Sound 203 Parry Island, Rose Point Road
2 COTTAGE Blue Moon  cottage
3 CAMP Peterborough’s Petroglyphs Petroglyph Provincial Park 97 Hwy 28Movie The teacher Rocks, MNR
4 x Warsaw CavesPeterborough Disappearing River Warsaw Caves,Peterborough 21
5 X Marmora’s big hole Marmora 171 south of Hwy 7, 1.4 km east
6 Big Boulder Trenton
7 AUNT MO Belleville
8 Bird House city picton Birdhouse City is located at Macaulay Mountain Conservation, on County Road 8 (Union Street, on the eastern outskirts of Picton, ON.)
9 Lake on the Mountain Lake on the Mountain PP 91 Picton
10 County Cidre Picton
11 X Hell Holes Hell Holes Park 152 From Highway 401 Exit No. 579, 10.7 km North, turn right at Centreville Rd., continue 5.5 kms. following signs.
12 BOON DOCK BOON DOCK Highway rest stop. Port Hope – eastbound (Highway 401 – near Port Hope)
13 Fort Mississauga Niagara on the Lake 113 a path from Front and Simcoe StreetsShort hills PP & Crystal Beach
14 CAMP maple treeRock Point PP 39 Exit 57, QEW
15 Levee Road originally a prairie.. road is lower than the river next to it…
16 Point Pelee Lake Erie, south of Leamington 69
17 CAMP Wheatley PP
18 x petrolia Discovery Petrolia Wednesday – Sunday   10:00 am – 5:00 pm4381 Discovery Line
Telephone: (519) 882-0897
19 CAMP The Pinery
20 x Rock Glen Gorge Rock Glen Conservation Authority 149 Arkona, Ausable RiverRock Glen Falls is in the Rock Glen Conservation Area. There is a nice parking and picnic area and a $3 per person entry fee.
21 CAMP Rattlesnake Park
22 X Crawford Lake Crawford Lake 155 Guelph Line, south 401
23 Kilbride Castle Baden (Kitchener) 196 Regional Road 1
24 Huron Village Pioneer Village Guelph Line 401
25 CAMP Elora gorge Elora Gorge CampgroundGuelph 146 7400 Wellington County Rd. 21, Box 356
Elora, ON   N0B 1S0
E-mail conservation area staff or phone (519) 846-9742
Open May 1 to the Sunday following Thanksgiving
26 x Belfountain Park Credit Valley C.A. 49 401/ west of 403Adults: $5.00Children (ages 6-12): $3.00Maximum charge per car of up to 6 people: $22

Seven days a week – 9 a.m. to 9 p.m

27 Chetlam Badlands hgy 6 the Cheltenam Badlands are a bizarre geographical spectacle that lie hidden in the Caledon Hills.
28 BOONDOCK Holstein Ontario
29  CAMP Cyprus Lake Grotto Tobermory 174 hwy 6 Wiarton and Tobermory
30 Corduroy Trail Awenda PP 182 Minden
31  CAMP Grand Canyon North Ouimet Canyon PP 77 55 km E of Thunder Bay
32  CAMP Barron Canyon Algonquin Park 150 We went for a hike in Algonuin Park. One of Algonquin Park’s best kept secrets is the Sand Lake entrance, only 40 kilometres from Pembroke, Ontario.parking area Sand Lake Gate
33 High Falls from campsite, picnic 5 km trail to High Falls is maintained and marked, but there is no sign directing you to it and it is not on the park map given out at the entrance.  At the end of the trail, you are greeted by an oasis of pools and natural waterslides carved out of rock cliffs, fed by small waterfalls and surrounded by boulders.
34 D’Yer memorial Carnarvron love monument

One thought on “The Places

  1. Petrogylphs are cool…Warsaw caves are even cooler! Don’t forget flashlights/petzels; long sleeve shirts and good shoes. It is cold when you get deeper into the caves, and everyone will need a good pair of running shoes…DO NOT wear flipflops….you will slip and fall and hurt yourself…trust me, it is not pretty!! Super awesome though! Have fun.

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