How can you afford this trip?!


My mom asked me, “How can you afford this trip?!”

And what stay in the city? The heat, the boredom. We don’t have air conditioning, air flow or even the shade from a tree on our house!

Every other kid is in day camp somewhere. At 200 bucks a week it really adds up. The girls have no friends around in the summer. The parks are empty of tweens.

It costs $75 for us all to go see a movie.

Heck these kids spend 10 bucks a day at 7/11.

The wading pools and splash pads are a good thing, if you’re a penguin!

That leaves us with more iCarly reruns.

No, we leave the city, Mom.

It can be so crazy here that we actually think this three week trailer tour will be easier. ’nuff said


How is it going so far kids? Know when to ask….


I think they look happy….

I asked the kids to each write a post of their road trip so far. There are high and low moments, that’s for sure! We were on a long hot driving bit. The heat is very tough and everyone has that horrible sticky feeling in the car. I have decided to reschedule the whole trip, so we drive less and chill more.

Hey it’s Lily here!
This trip has been pretty epic so far but I’m going insane. I can’t spend any more time in the car without killing Ruby and her fast music* She takes songs and speeds them up so its sounds like the chipmunk version* We keep running out of water and I don’t have nail polish remover! I can’t write any songs with Ruby and Josie’s parody of sexy and I know it turned into ” This place infested and we know it” (talking about the trailer) in the back of my head. This trip is getting really hard for me and I kinda wanna stop but… the dang werdio show must go on! Yours Truly,

This trip so far has been a lot to handle. Luckily, I have been hangin’ in pretty well. My favourite part of this trip is probablly the warsaw caves. My least favourite part was the Hell Holes. They were too buggy! 😦 over and out, Charlie

So far this trip has been good.we have done a lot of driving. I think everyone is going crazy and really needs a break. It has been so hot and I can’t stand it.
Sincerely, Josie

Day 6 and I am already cracking, mostly because of Arthur. Things are going well. We are doing a lot of driving. At least I am not carsick. Ruby

Arthur: Good, Very good and great. All the caves are great. Peace Arthur