The Stuff

Here is a list of all the things we generally pack for weekends, trips, etc.


  1. Tylenol 500mg
  2. Pepcid AC
  3. Tums
  4. Nail clippers
  5. Tweezers
  6. Band-aids
  7. Antibiotic cream, Polysporin
  8. Anti itch cream
  9. Benedryl, anti histamine syrup
  10. Cough Syrup
  11. Cough drops
  12. Eye and Ear drops
  13. Back medicine
  14. Vitamins: E, D, B
  15. Gravol for adults
  16. Gravol for Kids, liquid
  17. Advil coated 200mg
  18. Poison Ivy cream
  19. Impetego cream
  20. Lipactin cold sore cream
  21. Worm Medicine
  22. Lice Shampoo
  23. Shampoo and Conditioner
  24. Body Gel
  25. Nail polish remover

You might think it is a little excessive, but I promise you it is not! When you are out in the country with a kid with worms and the pharmacy is closed on Sundays, you are in a pickle. Although that time, a cure for worms is to give them chopped hair and marshmallows which kills the worms. They were gone the night after….


  1. 6 pairs of boots
  2. 7 rain coats
  3. Screw the umbrella!


  1. 7 Beach towels
  2. Beach toys, including pails and enough shovels, old Barbies (great beach toy)


I love to play games and always hope the kids would play with me. I will not give up. Here is the game box.



One thought on “The Stuff

  1. I say pack some Gravol suppositories for kids. They work way better for the stomach flu as they can’t throw them up!

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